Other Sources

Foreign Funding

An NGO can also receive grant from abroad which is called Foreign Funding. However only those non-profit organization can receive funds which hold FCRA (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act) certificate. An NGO is applicable to get FCRA certificate once it has completed 3 years. There are various foreign funding agencies and foreign trusts who support worthy causes such as, Ford Foundation, Bill & Melinda gates Foundation, USAID, DFID, NORAD etc. It is possible to get funding from them provided they ae well sensitized and have approach at appropriate level. We provide adequate research and care to ensure that the proposal is well written and matches the agenda of the donor. A FCRA account is required for seeking foreing donation/support/aid.

Corporate Fund Raising

There is rule in Indian constitution with the name of CSR rule. CSR means Corporate Social Responsibility. According to CSR, a company is liable to give 3% of its annual benefit to charitable organizations or spend this 3% of money doing charitable work. If you run an NGO, you can submit a project to a company asking for money under the CSR rule. If they like your project, they will give you funds for your specific project. Christian NGO Services team observed that Corporate fund raising (CFR) in NGO sector has increased in comparision to other fund raising techniques. For an NGO, CFR means raising fund/ resources from organization having agenda for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Christian NGO Services team by its extensive networking & connection in corporate world assist NGOs to raise funds by tapping profitable corporate & socially responsible organization.

Fund raising events

"Christian NGO Services" has a dedicated team for event management. Event is important as it raise maximum funds at optimum cost completed within a certain time frame. Gives scope for wide publicity to the work of the charity and those who aid it. There can be several special events in a year. Events can be small where Rs. 5 lakhs are raised like musical Nights, Film star Cricket Festivals, Star show, Celebrity Dinner, Auctions etc.

Different fund raising plans

A fundraising plan is the framework for your development efforts and part of sound financial planning. It helps your plan for your future and ensure your organization's ability. Fundraising planning also helps your organization cultivate multiple revenue streams; set priorities, strategies, and goals; and limits crisis fundraising. The planning included assessing the organization's readiness; data review of past fundraising effectiveness; review of current reality & projected goals; identifying target audiences, developing implementation, evaluation and monitoring strategies. The organization agreed to make the products of their planning available to use as examples to the field. School Awareness cum sponshership programme:
School Fund raising is one of the wide spectrum of fund raising method by which the funds are raised from the community through the medium of school students by educating them about the cause. Normally an event is organized in the school with the two pronged objective of creating awareness and raising funds. As a part of our consultancy work , we approach various schools for social causes and solicit their support.

Social campaigns, training & seminars:
We organizes social campaigns like, walkathon, charity walk, No tobacco rally, anti cracers compaign for generating public awareness on the common issue. Training and seminars on funds raising, projects, corporate social responsblity are the regular feature of the "Christian NGO Services team".